Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration in Gilbert, AZ

One of the most devastating forces you’ll ever encounter, fire and smoke pose a threat to your house and everything within it. Thankfully, most house fires do not completely demolish their targets. That’s partly because fire crews responded quickly to put out the flames. Your house could remain standing, but it’s hardly in liveable condition. Here at Emergency Flood Team, we offer thorough fire and smoke damage restoration services to put your house back to normal. We are a locally owned and operated business that serves Gilbert, Yavapai County, and the Phoenix Metro Area.

Our Process for Restoring Fire Damage

We are accessible around-the-clock to begin your fire damage restoration project as soon as possible. To ensure you receive the information you require, we take pride in our 1-hour response times and free quotes.
We undertake a top-to-bottom inspection to record all damage done to the structure, electrical system, and your personal possessions after tarping and boarding up your property to stop additional damage. Then we start rebuilding after removing all the fire-damaged components. In order to repair smoke damage, extract soot, and get rid of odours, we also use cutting-edge equipment. Using cutting-edge upholstery cleaning tools, we could even be able to rescue parts of your furniture and personal items, depending on the severity of the damage.

Every step of the way, we’ll keep you updated, and we’ll provide you with a precise timeframe for when you can expect to move back into your house. Restoring your property to the way you remember it is our straightforward goal. To make it happen, we act promptly and to the highest standards possible.

Fire damage repair at a home in Gilbert AZ.
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